Psychology India Magazine (www.psychology.net.in) is dedicated to your most valuable asset: Your Mind

Started in 2015, Psychology India Magazine is India’s first English language online magazine on the subject of Psychology.

The purpose of the Psychology India Magazine is to promote mental health and overall interest in the subject of ‘psychology’. Our inspiration comes from an everyday human being who seeks to put food on the table by overcoming adversity, yet preserving dignity.

Via this site, we hope to bring together both subject experts and regular folks like you and me who experience life as it unravels. Hope the content here is of value to you and your loved ones.

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We have designed Psychology India Magazine to benefit those who want to:

  • Improve their self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Learn better relationship skills
  • Learn how to manage or break free from toxic relationships
  • Break free from negative thinking and limiting beliefs
  • Strengthen their confidence and self-esteem
  • Find their passion and pursue work they love
  • Develop better habits for mental and physical health
  • Better cope with emotional issues and life challenges
  • Become more mindful, present, and peaceful in their lives
  • Learn skills, like writing, to communicate more effectively
  • Embrace their unique traits, particularly for highly sensitive people and introverts

You may also refer to our comprehensive Psychology dictionary and glossary here.