Examples of Mental Health Stigma

How many of these assumptions do you hold, or do you imagine other people hold?

“Depressed people are unstable.”
“Someone with schizophrenia is dangerous.”
“A person in a mental institution is insane.”
“Someone with an eating disorder can control it.”
“That person is seeing a therapist.  There’s something wrong with them.”
“Mental illness is similar to insanity.”
“Depressed?  C’mon already, snap out of it, stop being such a downer!”
“Someone who is bipolar is difficult to get to know.”
“Someone with borderline means they are close to being crazy.”
“He has ADD, he is supposed to act that way.”
“You are responsible for your mental issues.”
“Go see a shrink!” (Used as an insult against someone).
“Stop using (INSERT CONDITION) as a crutch!  Man up and be responsible for once.”
“Oh she has (INSERT CONDITION), we should lower our expectations of her.”

It is assumptions like these that directly contribute to widespread negative beliefs against people who are living with a mental health issue or illness.