School or workplace stigma

We also find stigma at schools.  Children may be left out of groups, harassed, or bullied.  Anyone who has ever been “picked last” for a team remembers how insignificant they felt, and they may remember that one single event their entire lives.

Can you think of a time in your life where you were ostracized or made to feel insignificant?  Do you remember how you felt?  For children who may not be what others think of as “normal”, this same feeling can be replicated on a daily basis. Imagine the internal trauma that could cause to a developing life to have that same experience repeated over and over again.

Workplace Stigma

We can find negative attitudes on the job.  When considering to hire someone, for example, an employer might discriminate based on false assumptions.  Someone who is austistic may be fully qualified to perform a particular job, and the fact that they have autism should in no way be a factor in considering their capability to perform.

Obviously an employer should not be forced to hire someone, but let the person’s job performance determine their qualifications, and not preconceived perceptions regarding their mental health.