Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India (CCPI)

CCPI is to bring the healing love of Jesus Christ to those seeking psychological help and support. We provide psychological information and a list of counselors who have life membership in Conference of Catholic Psychologists, India (CCPI) across Indian States who are faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

According to their website:

The Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India (CCPI), was begun at the initiative of the Salesian Psychological Association (SPA) in 2000. Ever since the Catholic Psychologists gathered every year for an Annual Conference, with a particular theme, in one of the cities of India. After seven years, the Conference of Catholic Psychologists of India (CCPI) was officially formed in 2007.

Currently, the organization has nearly 300 members, consisting of Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Lay people from all over the country. The members are trained in Psychological sciences and are committed to deepening their professional knowledge and skills. They collaborate and network in offering psychological training and services in different parts of the country. They also promote research in the field of psychology.

The organization has an Executive Council consisting of an elected President, Secretary cum Treasurer and an Executive member, whose term is for three years. Once a year the members come together to update and share their experiences. So far seventeen Conferences were organized.