Guest Posting Guidelines for Psychology India Magazine

Thanks for your interest in Psychology India Magazine.

We love guest posts because they allow us to provide a diverse range of topics and expert insights for our readers. We do, however, get a lot of requests, and we can’t accept them all! But these guidelines will give you the best chances of success.

About Psychology India Magazine

Psychology India Magazine has been a go-to resource for articles, research topics and stories related to the field of Psychology since 2015. Here are some things to know!

Our audience: Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Professors, Teachers or Students looking to learn and improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject Psychology.

Our tone: Our magazine is authoritative and informative but friendly and fun to read. For guest posts, conversational writing is our style—think approachable expert.

Our posts: We publish a wide variety of post types. We have designed Psychology India Magazine to benefit those who want to:

  • Improve their self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Learn better relationship skills
  • Learn how to manage or break free from toxic relationships
  • Break free from negative thinking and limiting beliefs
  • Strengthen their confidence and self-esteem
  • Find their passion and pursue work they love
  • Develop better habits for mental and physical health
  • Better cope with emotional issues and life challenges
  • Become more mindful, present, and peaceful in their lives
  • Learn skills, like writing, to communicate more effectively
  • Embrace their unique traits, particularly for highly sensitive people and introverts

Guest Post Requirements

Here’s what we want!

Only original, unpublished work is accepted, and the post must be relevant and insightful.

The post must be fluent, readable, and error-free

You’re allowed only one link (per post) to your company’s website, in the author’s bio; no links to your website in the article body.

Sufficient length: 600 words minimum (but don’t add fluff if you don’t hit that mark)

Short intro: ~100 words. Introduce your topic and then tell the reader what the post will cover.

Friendly tone: Conversational, not corporate!

High quality: Original, actionable, organized, and accurate!

Skimmability: Headings, subheadings, short paragraphs, etc.

Please use sentence case with your headings!

Short bio: 1-3 sentences. You can include links to your website or social accounts.

Images: Images should add value by illustrating concepts.

Here’s what we DON’T want!

Too many backlinks: You can include a maximum of 1 per post, to YOUR site and it must be in your bio.

External links to sites other than your own may be okay for citing images and stats. They are not okay for earning that site a backlink.

Thin content that demonstrates a lack of depth of knowledge on a topic.

Overly promotional content.

Previously published or sponsored content.

What to expect:

We get a large volume of guest pitches, so please be patient with us throughout the process.

Pitch response: If your pitch is chosen, we’ll do our best to respond within 1-2 weeks. Please follow up in three weeks if you haven’t heard from us.

Draft: If your post draft meets our quality standards, we’ll move on to editing. If the draft does not meet our quality standards (i.e., it is thin content and/or cannot be improved without heavy edits), we will let you know that we cannot move forward with the post.

Edits: We may edit the content to align with our standards and guidelines. If we need anything from your end— a better quality image, a change to a section, or further elaboration on something, we’ll let you know.

Publishing: Depending on the level of edits needed and our schedule, your post could get published anywhere from 2-4 weeks after you’ve submitted it. This can be longer if we are particularly backlogged.

We reserve the right to reject any post, at any time.

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