Indian Journal of Positive Psychology (IJPP)

Indian Journal of Positive PsychologyIndian Journal of Positive Psychology (IJPP) is a quarterly referred journal published by Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW).

IJPP is indexed with EBSCO, ProQuest, Index Copernicus International, CrossRef (USA), J-Gate, ProQuest Central, USA Library, WorldCat, J-Gate, Academic Search Premier, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) IJPP has NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) rating of 4.64. The IJPP is published regularly since 2010. The journal is a medium for empirical inquiry, theoretical papers, reviews, applied and policy-related articles. The journal welcomes all modes of research: experimental, observational, interpretive, and survey. The aim is to provide quality information and enable scholarly deliberation contributing to the growth and success of Positive Psychology. We welcome proposals for articles that address important issues of positive psychology with special emphasis on Positive Psychology, Positive Clinical Psychology, Positive Health Psychology, Positive Organizational Psychology, Positive Social Psychology Positive Developmental Psychology, Positive Community Psychology.

Editor-in-Chief: Sunil Saini, PhD, Editorial Office: 1245/18, Moh. Sainian, Hisar, Haryana, India Email: