Psychology Journals in India

Name of the Journal Publication, Place & Country ISSN
Psychological Studies


Springer India – 17, Barakhamba Road, 110 001 New Delhi (India) ISSN: 0033-2968


Psychology of Developing Society and Journal Sage Publication, Allahabad, (India) ISSN: 0971-3336
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations SRC, IR & HR Publication,New Delhi (India) ISSN : 0019-5286
Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology IAAP Publication Madras (India) ISSN: 0019-4247
Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology IACP (Indian Association of Clinical Psychologist), Bangalore (India) ISSN: 0303-2582


Indian Psychological Review Indian Psychological Society, Agra (India) ISSN: 0019-6215
Bombay Psychologist Bombay Psychological Association, Mumbai (India) ISSN: 0975-0738
Indian Journal of Positive Psychology IAHRW, Hissar (India) ISSN 2229-4937
The Asian Journal of Psychology and Education Agra Psychological Research Cell, Agra (India) ISSN: 0971-2909
Indian Journal of Psychology Indian Psychological Association(India) ISSN: 0019-5553
Indian Psychological Abstract and Review ICSSR, Sage Publications, New Delhi, ISSN: 0973-0885
Indian Journal of Gerontology Aalekh Publication, Jaipur(India) ISSN:0971-4189
Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing IAHRW, Delhi India ISSN: 2229-5356
Journal of Psychosocial Research M.D. Publication, Delhi (India) ISSN: 0973-5410
Indian Journal of Psychology Madras Psychological Society, Chennai ISSN: 0022-3972
Journal of Psychological Researches: An International Journal Madras Psychological Society, Chennai ISSN: 0022-3972