Unique Psychological Society (UPS)

Unique Psychological Society (UPS) is a non-profit organization registered at New Delhi.


The stated objectives of the trust are to promote, establish, continue, administer and run various educational and vocational schools, institute or colleges in the field of education, imparting knowledge and skills in various disciplines, especially in the area of psychology and mental health. It aims to spread awareness and provide training programmes about various mental health concerns either on its own or in association with similar agencies working for the all-round development of the society.

It desires to train teachers, professionals and students to prove services par excellence. It also desires to establish, maintain and run multi-disciplinary/specially hospitals/ clinics/ institutes having professionals from various medical and psychological fields with the objective of providing psychological and mental health services to patients with all kinds of physical, medical and mental health concerns. It also desires to establish maintain and run shelter homes, day care centres, rehabilitation centres for the mentally challenged, geriatrics people and mentally ill people.

UPS also publishes International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Behavioural Sciences (ISSN 2395-5570).