International Association of Holistic Psychology (IAHP)

Based in India, International Association of Holistic Psychology (IAHP) is a scientific and professional organization.

IAHP claims to be a professional association of psychologists formed to bring the psychologists all over the world under one roof. It is a representative body for psychology and psychologists of any discipline throughout the world. ‘Holistic’ means to cover every single bit of psychology and psychological services. It seeks to promote psychology and to advance creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit people and improve global mental health.

IAHP Vision

  • A uniting force towards psychology discipline
  • The primary resource for all psychologists
  • A principal leader and global partner promoting psychological knowledge and methods to facilitate the resolution of personal, social and global challenges in diverse, multicultural and international contexts
  • Promote the use of sound psychological principles within the context of education all over the world
  • Increase advocacy for psychology and community wellbeing
  • Improve support for the scientific discipline of psychology
  • Improve support for the profession of psychology
  • Improve member satisfaction within the society