School Counseling

For many youngsters, school and life in general present an endless list of demands and challenges. From trauma and learning disabilities to bullying and course selection, life can be difficult for students therefore a school counselor is there to help. School counseling addresses issues that may affect students’ academic performance, which includes psychosocial and behavioral challenges . A school counselor’s role addresses student’ mental , emotional, social and academic development . The basic role of a school counselor is to support students in their psychological, academic, and social development. However, the breadth of school counseling is expansive. The school counselor may provide a social-emotional lesson to a first-grade class and the next, they collaborate with the administrative team on a new school-wide behavioral intervention system.

Roles of a School Counselor

Counselor : Counselors help students identify their abilities, capacities, and interests, preventing dropout . The counselor may also act as a coordinator who advises students about their career orientation and decisions. In doing so, counselors may help students prepare for higher education and college admissions .

Mediator : There can be many tricky situations within the school setting, and the counselor may act as an advocate who guides and negotiates by diplomatic means. For example, a student may feel that they are being treated unfairly by their teacher. The counselor may also act as a mediator between students who have just had a physical altercation.

Social skills teacher : In teaching social skills, a counselor can act as a researcher, specialist, expert, leader, and consultant .

Friend : Sometimes all a student needs is a friend, and the school counselor can be there for the student in a professional capacity. With this professional friendship comes confidentiality and privacy. Like a friend, the counselor may act as a mentor, supporter, advisor, listener, and believer.

Psychologist :  In many cases, the school counselor may act as a school psychologist while delivering counseling sessions. School counselors may sometimes have to address student trauma or remedy situations involving bullying.

Teacher : School counselors may also be found in the classroom. They may assist the classroom teacher, provide consultation, or deliver lessons about social skills or emotional learning.


School counseling is a multi-faceted, challenging, and rewarding position in the school system. If you are empathetic and goal driven, enjoy working with students and wish to help them be the best they can be in their academic career and as responsible citizens, consider a career as a school counselor. Whether you enjoy working with students or young adults, in a classroom or in your own office, collaboratively or independently, with successful students or students with challenges, school counseling may be the profession for you. If you encompass these qualities, you could be the one to make a positive change in a student’s life.

Article By : Ishu Sehgal (Presently pursuing Diploma in Guidance & Counseling in Psychology)

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