A New Christmas Tradition

Vow to let go of all worries and anxiety in order to be light and free.Turn your family’s focus on how to support each other and not make trips to the shopping mall or finishing the house decorations.Remind yourself that the most important gifts we can give to others, and to ourselves, are to forgive and let go.Forgive mistakes you’ve made. Let go of the guilt so you don’t have to live in the past any further.Christmas-LoveForgive people who may have hurt you. Let go of the pain to open your heart and welcome peace back in.

Let go and free yourself of the idea that you have to be or look perfect.

Let go of the feeling of being damaged, inadequate and unworthy.

Let go of the painful memories so you can better remember the good times.

Forgive those people who said or you thought would be your friend, but then disappeared. Let go of the anger so you can make room for new friendships.

Build something new.

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