Shape Your Personal Brand Attitude

This post talks about tips for those looking to build and shape their successful personal brand.

First and foremost, when looking to build your personal brand, you need to watch your attitude.

Attitude here refers to the unique attitude that you have and how to develop it into something memorable and meaningful. Your attitude is one of the most essential components of your personal brand. Here’s how to shape it.

Every Brand Has An Attitude

No matter what you do with your personal brand, it’s going to have an attitude.

Don’t let it shaped by the things that you do (or forget to do). Rather you can choose to intentionally shape that attitude.

Define your attitude i.e. your approach to shaping that attitude is extremely important for your future success.

Highlight Just A Few Things

Each of us possesses a complex set of drives, goals, experiences, beliefs, emotions, skills, passions and motivations. But you cannot possibly convey everything about yourself in a personal brand attitude.

Try picking just a few things and include this in whatever do – Whether you network, write, blog or speak- try to keep these few things in mind. Otherwise, you will end up diluting the attitude that you’re trying to create.

You are Unique and so is your Attitude

This is something that is really important for personal branding: You are unique.

As we know, the world is full of people trying to be someone else. How good is that? There must be something unique that you have – something only you know and understand. Don’t deviate from being who you really are – offline or online. Let your true attitude be seen. The most successful personal brands are those who highlight who they are. They are unashamed of showcasing it.

Select your Fans and Friends

Other people contribute to who you are by writing testimonials and other things about you. You’re not the only one who gets to create your personal brand attitude.

The great thing about these external contacts and interactions is that you get to select which of these you want to showcase. Choose those that accurately reflect who you are.

Don’t Please Everyone

You can have attitude and still be very pleasant. But, let’s face it, some people aren’t going to like you no matter what you do. That’s very true in real life as well as in your personal online brand. Everyone can’t like you, so don’t aim.  As long as you are who you are, the right people will gravitate towards you and don’t worry about the others.

When my friend first started her entrepreneurial journey, she got really discouraged with people – mostly millionaires – who wouldn’t give her their time. She misunderstood them, because she misunderstood a lot of other things.

That’s often the case with people who don’t like your personal brand. If they misunderstand you, there’s not much you can do.

Share Your Opinions

Opinions are basically personal thoughts and feelings that you have on certain issues. These are the viewpoints that shape your approach and attitude.

Remember, creating a personal brand takes a long time. Your brand attitude may not come out right the  first time. It takes a lot of consideration to figure out just how you want to sound and be seen.

Plus, you gradually understand how people perceive you. People who have been developing personal brands for years constantly tweak and try to get it right.

Boldness can be an indispensable characteristic for creating your brand attitude.

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